Updates for October 2002

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Welcome to October!!! :) Today I updated the Friends, Futurama, and X-Files pages with final 2002 Emmy awards info, put up a new website of the week, and put a counter on this page!


Apologies for the delay in updates!! New website of the week today! Also updated the Alanis Morissette news. Finally, a greedy corporation got angry with my fonts page, so I had to remove Impact®, and had to add an "®" to my mention of Times New Roman® and Arial ®. Fuck y'all.


Made a correction to the lyrics to London by Alanis!


Updated the Thank U Alanis Morissette news, and put up a new website of the week! Main page @ 15000.


New website of the week and put up a November updates page... leading to updates on Fonts and Site Map!

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